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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 4 aired from September 20, 1992 to May 16, 1993. Billy Ray Cyrus makes a special guest appearance, promoting his debut single Achy Breaky Heart.

Clips Appearing In Tom Bergeron EraEdit

Season 4 Episode 1[1][2][3][4][5][6]|P[7][8][9]

Season 4 Episode 2

Season 4 Episode 3[10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21](s19)[22](s17)

Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 5[23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33](TBA)[34]|P[35][36]

Season 4 Episode 6[37]

Season 4 Episode 7 $100,000 Show

Season 4 Episode 8

Season 4 Episode 9[38][39][40][41][42](Guide To Parenting)[43][44][45][46][47][48][49](s13)[50][51][52][53](s19)[54](s13)|P[55](s13)[56][57]

Season 4 Episode 10[58](TBA)[59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67](TBA)[68]|P[69][70]

Season 4 Episode 11[71][72][73][74][75][76][77][78][79][80]

Season 4 Episode 12[81][82][83][84](TBA)[85][86](TBA)[87][88][89]|P[90]

Season 4 Episode 13[91]

Season 4 Episode 14

Season 4 Episode 15[92][93]|P[94][95][96]

Season 4 Episode 16[97]

Season 4 Episode 17 $100,000 Show

Season 4 Episode 18[98](TBA)

Season 4 Episode 19

Season 4 Episode 20[99][100][101][102] [103][104][105][106](s16)[107][108][109]|P[110][111][112]

Season 4 Episode 21[113]

Season 4 Episode 22[114][115][116][117][118][119][120][121][122](s14)|P[123](TBA)[124]

Season 4 Episode 23[125][126][127][128](s13)[129][130](TBA)[131](TBA)[132][133]|P[134][135]

Season 4 Episode 24[136]

Season 4 Episode 25 $100,000 Show

Clips Appearing In Unknown Episodes

[137][138][139][140][141][142][143][144][145][146][147][148][149][150][151][152][153][154][155][156][157][158](s12 or s13)[159][160][161][162][163][164][165][166][167][168][169][170][171][172][173][174][175][176][177][178][179][180][181][182][183][184][185][186][187][188](TBA)[189][190][191][192][193][194](s14)[195][196][197](s12)[198](s16 or TBA)[199](s13)

Possibly Appearing In Season 4


Clips In Episode TBD


TBD Promos

Season 4 episode 1[213](Promo)

Handstand Goat[214], Godzilla Cat, Video Game Tongue Kid[215]

Season 4 Episode 2

Grad Whacker

Season 4 episode 3

Puppyfoot Pedal[216], Lincoln's Bad Day[217] & Crossed Eyed Tubber

Season 4 episode 4 Special Guest; Billy Ray Cyrus[218](Promo)

Duck Treadmill, Metal Head Pecker & Time Out Please[219]

Season 4 episode 5[220](Promo)

One Stick, Four Dogs[221], Funnel Kids[222], & Ski Dock Jerk[223]

Season 4 episode 6

Orange Juice Mess[224], Baby Sleeper, Doorway Demon

Season 4 episode 8[225][226](Promo)

Bolivian Music Baby, The Singing Interruption[227], 5 Year Old Abe Lincoln[228]

Season 4 Episode 9[229](Promo)

Football High Five[230], Nun Strikes Out[231], The Amazing River Raft Ride

Season 4 episode 10

Vacuum Joy Ride, Refrigerator Surprise Boy, & Achy Breaky Paramedics

Season 4 Episode 11[232](Promo)

The Drummer Bride[233], Spray Club For Men, Powder Face Baby

Season 4 Episode 12[234](Promo)

I Saw Santa[235], Flying Sleigh Trouble, Beauty Contest Surprise[236]

Season 4 Episode 13[237][238](Promo)

Sneeze Cake[239], Singer and Dancer Surprise[240], A Clown With Rhythm

Season 4 Episode 14

Haircut Mess Boy, Military Practical Joke[241], Dogs Tickling Tail[242]

Season 4 Episode 15[243][244](Promo)

Hermit Crab Scares Sunbather [245], Man Can't Jump Over Hurdles[246], Raccoon Water Harp[247]

Season 4 episode 16[248]

Public Dry Out Surprise[249], ??????, Sneaky Candle Blower[250]

Season 4 Episode 18[251](Promo)

Adam and the Cat[252]

Season 4 Episode 19

The Praying Mantis Attack[253]

Season 4 episode 20[254](Promo)

Christmas Bra, Golf Pro Jr.[255], & Late Night at the Video Store

Season 4 episode 21

Butt Baby With Towel[256], I Nancy Hi Nancy, Your Zipper's Down

Season 4 Episode 22[257][258][259](Promo)

The Stiff Sleeper, The Screen Door Dog[260], & The Siren's Broken

Season 4 Episode 23[261](Promo)

Sprucing Up Girl, Amazing Flat Cat, & Inner Tube Butter Ball[262]

Season 4 episode 24

World's Worst Haircut[263], Grumble Cat[264], Traveling Trash Can[265]

Nominees In other Versions

Oh Yuck![266](Finalist-5th Place)

Orphan On[267](Non-Finalist-3rd Place)

Potty Lotty[268](Finalist- 2nd Place)


Possible Nominees

Ram On The Attack



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