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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 31 aired from October 18, 2020 to May 23, 2021. In this season, all the audience seats and the bar area were removed and replaced with virtual audience video walls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Season 31 Episode 1

Background Brasserie, Toddler Temptation Treat Taker & Plummeting In The Poles

Season 31 Episode 2

Stuck To The Truck, Embarrassing Alien Abduction & Four Generation Celebration

Season 31 Episode 3

Sound Sleeping Hound, Rock Paper Wrestlers & Lip Balm Licker

Season 31 Episode 4

Squishing Hardee Party, Handy In The Kitchen & High Definition Pranking Mission

Season 31 Episode 5

Breakfast Tray Trouble, Temptation Challenge Challenged & Obstacle Course Height Freight

Season 31 Episode 6

Ice Cream Cone Tooth Goof, Puny Pool Party & Big Toe Fido

Season 31 Episode 7

Fly On The Follicles, Dollhouse Disaster & Workout Hour Meets Guy In Shower

Season 31 Episode 8

Giant Gob Of Gum, Cat-Dog Car Catastrophe & Karaoke Cat Attack

Season 31 Episode 9

Free Falling Fake Ring, Lil Yo Peep & Charades Charade

Season 31 Episode 10

Nose Hair Wax Wailer, Rambling About Ambling & Mother & The Mudder Brothers

Season 31 Episode 11

Four Generation Celebration, Squishing Hardee Party & Rambling About Ambling

Season 31 Episode 12

Self-Sufficient Schoolboy, The No Clone Zone & Father & Son Mud fun

Season 31 Episode 13

Stink Eye-Phone, The Dog Ate My Homework & Sasquatch Scare

Season 31 Episode 14

Finger Prank Puller, Baffled About Baby & Novocaine Raspberry Blower

Season 31 Episode 15

Not Thrilled About Bills, Eggcellent Poultry Prank & Christmas Carol Call

Season 31 Episode 16

Itsy Bitsy Spider Rider, Not Ready For His Mani Pedi & Uneasy Nose Wax Sneezer

Season 31 Episode 17

Labor Pain Pals, Borrowed Hands Breakfast & Counter Attack Cat

Season 31 Episode 18

Tot Knows A Lot, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Slop-Fest & Runaway Car Goes Far

Season 31 Episode 19

Quips About Lips, Not The Trunk You Thunk & Genius Juice Joke

Season 31 Episode 20

Baby Busts A Move, Virtual Class Clown & Whatcha Wearing Under There?

Season 31 Episode 21

Self-Sufficient Schoolboy, Not Ready For His Mani Pedi & Baby Busts A Move

Season 31 Episode 22

Rambling About Ambling & Self-Sufficient Schoolboy


Rambling About Ambling

Self-Sufficient Schoolboy