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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 29 aired from September 30, 2018 to May 19, 2019.


Season 29 Episode 1

Kitchen Counter Manner, Frog-faced Freakout & Cookie Cracker Conundrum

Season 29 Episode 2

Little Muddy Buddy, Very Brief Fish Grief & Gobble Squabble

Season 29 Episode 3

Triple Trick Shot, The Grandma From The Black Lagoon & Guitar Fearin' Fido

Season 29 Episode 4

ATV Ran Away from Me, Inflatable Pool Pooch & Sneaky Stair Slider

Season 29 Episode 5

Sidewalk Stumbler, Dog Hates the Plate & Wannabe Wombie

Season 29 Episode 6

Forklift Fiasco, Passenger Pest Problem & 20/20 Six Year Old

Season 29 Episode 7

Blast With The Laughing Gas, Game Blaming Boy & Bested By A Bug

Season 29 Episode 8

Snake It Off, Lingering Ladder Lady & Invisible Girl Gag

Season 29 Episode 9

Growing Up Is Hard To Do, Pucker Up Showdown & Stuck Over The Muck

Season 29 Episode 10

Sympathetic Shark Boy, Mini Golden Doodle Jumps Oodles & Jolly St Nick Letter Trick

Season 29 Episode 11

Sneaky Stair Slider, Blast With The Laughing Gas & Cookie Cracker Conundrum

Season 29 Episode 12

Under The Bleacher Creature, Excited Treat Taker & Not a Math Major

Season 29 Episode 13

Dogs Distraction In Action, Garage Grandpa & Riddle-Rattled Dad

Season 29 Episode 14

Chimney Squirrel Struggle, Dubious Dollar Decision & Worried Waxer

Season 29 Episode 15

Multi-Mutt Massage, Little Lady Leader & Cookie Confession

Season 29 Episode 16

Clean Room Ruse, Not Chewed Enough Cheese Puff & Workplace Squirrel Chase

Season 29 Episode 17

Impatient Prank Puller, Tub Attack Cat & Distracted Dinner Dad

Season 29 Episode 18 

Runaway Runner, Lotto Notto & Kid Flips Over Trip

Season 29 Episode 19

Pre-K Casanova, Bacon Boy & Slip Sliding Snow Dog

Season 29 Episode 20

Gullible Gamer, Not Thrilled With The Grilled Cheese & Twin Dinner Difference

Season 29 Episode 21

Excited Treat Taker, Worried Waxer & Workplace Squirrel Chase

Season 29 Episode 22

Blast With The Laughing Gas & Worried Waxer


Blast With The Laughing Gas

Worried Waxer


  • Many fans of the show feel that Slip Sliding Snow Dog was a controversial clip because it allegedly shows the owner pushing the dog down the flight of stairs.
  • Episode 16 was sponsored by the movie Wonder Park.