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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 25 aired from October 12, 2014 to May 17, 2015. This marks the 25th anniversary of the show and was Tom Bergeron's final season as host. Also, Bob Saget makes an appearance on Episode 23.


Season 25 Episode 1

Fireplace Fairy, Dock Destroying Dude & Kids Caught Kissing

Season 25 Episode 2

Hairless Catastrophe, Crappy Car For Christmas & Pregnancy Passout

Season 25 Episode 3

Mugging Mutt, Pasta Prank & Toilet Seat Scare

Season 25 Episode 4

Runaway Bridal, Remote Control Chewtoy & Two Prank Performance

Season 25 Episode 5

Bone-appetit Birthday, Bird Buffet & Backseat Bathroom

Season 25 Episode 6

Park Bound Pooch, Babysitter Breaks Heart & Fido Fetch Fail

Season 25 Episode 7

Dad Hair Day, Fountain Feline & The Invisible Rope Ruse

Season 25 Episode 8

Road Rage Rascal, Naughty Nipper & Like A Light Bob

Season 25 Episode 9

Someone Needs A Nap, Surprise Puppy Present & Pooch Pounces Prey

Season 25 Episode 10

Centipede Surprise, Drywall Derriere & Tiny Treat Tease

Season 25 Episode 12

Backseat Spider Scare, Shadow Boxing Barker & Hilarious History Lesson

Season 25 Episode 13

Orangutan Taste Test, The Napper and the Yapper & One Giant Leap For Woman Kind

Season 25 Episode 14 Celebrity Special

Surprise Party Passout, Chiwawa Wee-Wee & Rainbow Calling

Season 25 Episode 15

Costume Kid Can't Keep Up, Ice Bucket Breakdown & Preschool Package Guy

Season 25 Episode 16

Fake Sleeping Santa Fan, Docson Deny's Delicasy & First Tooth Excuse

Season 25 Episode 17

Skater Immitator, What Would Cheez-its Do & Constantly Singing Sibling

Season 25 Episode 18

Deer Sneeze Snapoon, Sister Celebrates Standing & Ipod Stealing Sibling Slide

Season 25 Episode 19

Frequently Frightened Female, H2O No-No & Lil Wall Wetter

Season 25 Episode 20

Honk Under The Hood, Big Wheel Bigger Helmet & Bun In The Oven

Season 25 Episode 21

Feline Makes A V-Line,"Oh Very Funny" Snake Scare & Oblivious Engagement

Season 25 Episode 23

The Invisible Rope Ruse & H2O No-No


The Invisible Rope Ruse



  • This is the last season to use the 1998 Theme.
  • One episode of this season appeared in 12th, it had a instrumental introduction.