America's Funniest Home Videos Wiki

Alabama 0/1 Finalists[]

Birmingham- Used Car Sound Effects Man(afp1)

Alaska 1/3 Finalists[]

Anchorage- Moose Rappers(afp2)

Barrow (now Utqiagvik)- Tongue Twister Woman(afp2)

Kenai- Gold Pan Jam(afp2)

Arizona 0/2 Finalists[]

Phoenix- Clarinet, Sax & Bagpipes(afp1)

Tempe- Prop Man(afp1)

British Columbia 0/1 Finalists[]

Vancouver- Toe Shoe Trick(Afp2)

California 15/37 Finalists[]

Berkeley- Bowling Ball(afp2)

Burbank- 11 Year Old Standup(afp2)

Burbank and Toluca Lake- Aerobic Fisherman(afp1)

Chico- Letterman Impressionist(afp1)

Chico- Rocket Trike(afp2)

Encino- Pit To Hiss In(afp2)

Fresno- Big Knives(afp2)

Fresno- Human Fishtank(afp2)

Hollywood/Los Angeles- The New Oz(afp4)

Laguna Beach- Waking Up Teenager(afp4)

Los Angeles- Addams Family Barker(afp3)

Los Angeles & Sacramento- Anyone Can Tell A Joke(afp4)

Los Angeles- Back Man(afp1)

Los Angeles- Big & Tall(afp4)

Los Angeles- Espresso Express(afp4)

Los Angeles- Fax-O-Matic(afp1)

Los Angeles- Hanger & Penny(afp2)

Los Angeles- Headache Joke(afp2)

Los Angeles- Lassie(afp2)

Los Angeles- Mr. Perfect(afp2)

Los Angeles- Number 10 Impressionist(afp1)

Los Angeles- Startreck Twinkie(afp2) 

Oakland- 3 Hand Juggle(afp2)

Oakland- Class Clown Graduation(afp2)

Oceanside- Creative Cup Stacking(afp4)

Ontario- Spoon Shower(afp2)

Pacific Grove- Motorcycle Man(afp1)

Pacific Palisades- Ping Pong Xylophone Lady(afp1)

Petaluma- Cheerleader In Shakesphere(afp2)

San Diego- Handicap Sign(afp4)

San Diego- I'm Too Sexy Magic Trick(afp3)

San Francisco- San Francisco Earthquake(afp2)

San Jose- Smooth & Creamy(afp2)

Studio City- Andrew Niceclay(afp2)

Torrance- Aging Man(afp1)

Van Nuys- Eddie Murphy Twins(afp1)

Venice- Echo Man(afp1)

Colorado 2/2 Finalists[]

Denver- King Of Click(afp1)

Denver- Minimum Wage Rappers(afp2)

Connecticut 1/1 Finalists[]

Waterbury- Ear Pop Boy(afp2)

Florida 2/9 Finalists[]

Boca Raton- Hairy Club For Men(afp1)

Cape Coral- Fireman Bloopers(afp1)

Jacksonville- Video Effects(afp1)

Orlando- Martin & Lewis Commercial(afp4) 

Orlando- My Thighs(afp1)

Tampa- Air Head(afp4)

TBA- Abbott & Costello(afp3)

Treasure Island- Glowing Mouth(afp3)

Valparaiso- Demi Moore Impression(afp2)

Georgia 2/2 Finalists[]

Atlanta- Singing Pig Chins(afp1)

Savanah- Boots Are Made For Walking(afp1)

Illinois 3/7 Finalists[]

Chicago- Just Wanna Be Friends(afp4)

Chicago- Missing Sock(afp3) & Virtual Realty(afp4) (same guy)

Glenview- American Parents(afp2)

Villa Park- Chicago Bears Joke(afp4)

Wilmette- Tongue Brothers(afp2)

Woodstock- Touch Chin(afp1)

Indiana 1/4 Finalists[]

Columbus- The Giant Bubble Blower(afp1)

Elkhart- The William Tell Twins(afp1)

Hammond- Gillian's Boat(afp2)

Terre Haute- Kid As Cowboy(afp1)

Iowa 1/2 Finalists[]

Des Moines- 50 Parental Sayings(afp1)

Des Moines- Telephone Manners(afp4)

Kansas 0/1 Finalists[]

Wichita- Lend Me Your Ears(afp1)

Kentucky 0/1 Finalists[]

Renfro Valley- Red Hand Boogie(afp1)

Maryland 0/1 Finalists[]

Temple Hills- 3 Hand Juggle(afp2)

Massachusetts 3/5 Finalists[]

Abington- Baby Star Trek(afp2)

Attleboro- James Brown Car Alarm(afp3)

Boston- Barney Fife(afp1)

Boston- Boombox Man(afp1)

Boston- Celebrity Batman(afp1)

Michigan 5/9 Finalists[]

Ann Arbor- James Autovan(afp1)(Linda Evans)

Berkley- Belch On, Belch Off(afp1)

Big Rapids- Musical Argument(afp1)

Detroit- Celeb Gotta Be Me(afp2)

Lansing- Human Dog Act(afp2)

Shelby- Hulk Hogan Lady(afp1)

Waterford - Michael Jackson As Ed Scissor Hands(afp2)

West Bloomfield- Sh-Boom(afp1)

White Cloud- Shower Hose(afp2)

Minnesota 1/7 Finalists[]

Austin- Tractor Joke(afp2)

Brainerd- Chris Shaller & His Amazing Dog Sport(afp1)

Brandon- Sure Eyes(afp1)

Minneapolis- Balance Sailboat(afp1)

Minneapolis- Dentist Phone Call(afp2)

Minneapolis- Tik Tac Toe(afp2)

Rochester- Clothelined(afp3)

Mississippi 0/1 Finalists[]

Jackson- Sick Husband Joke(afp2)

New Hampshire 0/1 Finalists[]

Sunapee- Sharkbay Impression(afp2)

New Jersey 0/4 Finalists[]

Clementon & Somerdale- World Without Lips(afp1)

Cranford- Pun Man(afp1)

Hackettstown- Uncle Tony Llama(afp3)

Unknown- Tie Of Donuts(afp4)

New Mexico 0/1 Finalists[]

Portales- Don King Impressionist(afp2)

New York 9/18 Finalists[]

Albany- Impressionist Steve(afp2)

Bayport- Inchworm(afp2)

Brooklyn- Accordion As A Bullet Proof Vest(afp3)

Brooklyn- Martin & Lewis Commercial(afp4)

Brooklyn- Pig Heart Transplant(afp2)

Hicksville- Hoffman Mixed(afp2)

Long Island & Plainview- Who's The First(afp4)

New Rorchelle- Stomach Sore(afp1)

New York- Blarney The Dinosaur(afp4)

New York- How To Get Out Of A Test(afp2)

New York- Robo-Cat(afp1)

New York- Waiter With An Attitude(afp2)

New York- Worst Mime(afp2)

Niagara Falls- Karate Chimp(afp1)

North Massapequa- Vince Dantona(afp1)

Port Jefferson Station/Port Jefferson- Wired(afp3)

Schenectady/Valley Stream- Fallen Stars(afp2)

Syosset- Teacher Comedian(afp1)

North Carolina 2/3 Finalists[]

Fayetteville- The Motormouth Effects Man(afp1)

Linwood- 3 Seal Impression(afp2)

Valdese- Hungry Dog(afp1)

Ohio 1/9 Finalists[]

Boardman- 3 Year Old Impressionist(afp1)

Bridgewater Center- Indoor Fisherman(afp2)

Cleveland- Casey Impressions(afp1)

Cleveland- King Kong On Coffee(afp1)

Cleveland- The Blub(afp4)

Columbus- Bodybuilders(afp1)

Columbus- David Pendleton(afp1)(Linda Evans)

Mount Gilead- Little Miss Muffet(afp4)

Slyvania- Itsy Bitsy Spider Rap(afp4)

Oklahoma 1/1 Finalist[]

Shawnee- How Do You Keep A Dummy Busy(afp3)

Ontario 1/2 Finalists[]

Thornhill- Blood Pressure Pump(afp2)

Toronto- Vacuum Magic(afp2)

Oregon 0/4 Finalists[]

Aloha- Dime To Glass(afp2)

Ashland- A Carpenter's Christmas Carol(afp2)

Klamouth Falls- Bird Poem(afp2)

Portland- The Ripcord Joke Teller(afp1)

Pennsylvania 1/5 Finalists[]

Gallitzin- Dribble This(afp2)

Philadelphia- Beverly Hillbillies Backward(afp2)

Pittsburgh- Laughing Women(afp1)

Slatington- Scott Koch(afp1)(Linda Evans)

Wilkes-Barre- Tom Carter(afp1)

South Carolina 0/2 Finalists[]

Charleston- Pet Petter(afp4)

Pendleton- Choo Choo Lady(afp1)

South Dakota 1/3 Finalists[]

Brandon- Rights With Naval(afp1)

Rapid City- Family Sing-Along(afp2)

Sioux Falls- Cow With Colds(afp2)

Tennessee 3/4 Finalists[]

Nashville- Double Talker(afp1)

Nashville- Ethel Merman Girl(afp4)

Nashville- Impressionist Jim(afp1)

Walland- Woody Woodpecker(afp1)

Texas 4/8 Finalists[]

Abilene- Gabby Hayes Does MC Hammer(afp2)

Austin- Star Wreck(afp2)

Austin- Tommy The Tomato(afp1)

Dallas- Cigarette Magician(afp1)

Denton- Dueling Noses(afp1)

Houston- James Brown At The Burger Stand(afp2)

Longview- Chicken Or Fish(afp2)

Waco- Baby Reaction(afp1)

Unknown 0/1 Finalists[]

Scott Goldman(afp1)

Utah 0/1 Finalists[]

Salt Lake City- Happy Birthday Dodson(afp1)

Virginia 1/4 Finalists[]

Lynchburg- Four Year Old Hulk Hogan(afp1)

Norfolk- Shakespeare Rapper(afp1)

Sterling- Potato Chip Factory(afp2)

Virginia Beach- Spiderman(afp4)

Washington 1/5 Finalists[]

Bainbridge Island & Kirkland- Pete & Repeat(afp1)

Bellingham- Rosie The Dog(afp1)

Davenport- Whistling Midgets(afp1)

Mount Vernon- Fish Out Of Water(afp1)

Spokane- Puppet See Puppet Do(afp2)

West Virginia 0/1 Finalists[]

Cool Ridge- Water Art(afp2)