These are the places winners and nominees are from

Alabama 4/14 FinalistsEdit

Birmingham- Canine Chaos

Birmingham- Used Car Soung Effects Man

Calysys- Catfish Hunte

Florence- Woozy Woman

Harvard- Golfer Hit's Hubby In The Head

Madison- Scootin' Scooter

Mobile- Happy Birthday Charlie

Mobile- I Hate Myself Dog

Muscle Shoals- Toilet Guitar 

Off Springs- Calculating K-nine

Phoenix City- Girl Who Can't Somersault

Phoenix City- Smiley Dog

Plymouth- Health Class Horrors

Taladaika- Big Kid In Tub

Alaska 1/3 FinalistsEdit

Kenai- Oh Brother Where Are Thou

St. Paul- Funnel Kids

St. Paul- Jockey Bob

Alberta 0/1 FinalistsEdit

Calgary- Garage Gotcha

Arizona 4/14 FinalistsEdit

Flagstaff- Frozen Ice Cream Lick

Gilbert- Back Swing Bowler

Keoira- What's Zappening

Mace- Baby Bowler Get's Strike

New Montaigne- Not Dead Ahead

Phoenix- Clarinet, Sax & Bagpipes

Phoenix- Noodle Nose

Phoenix- Telephone Sleeper Lady

Phoenix- Tractor Interuptus

Tempy- Prop Man

Queenfreak- Peddle Pusher

Splashtown- Punching Mantis

Tempe- Count Pugula

Thatcher- Platware Folly

Uma- Kitty Dunker

Arkansas 0/4 FinalistsEdit

Graidy- Let Them Burn Cake

Gustonia- Nose Bitting Beatle

Jacksonville- Bush Baby

Low- Out Of Bounds Hound

British Columbia 4/11 FinalistsEdit

Burnaby- Agony & Ivory

Burnaby- Crossed Eyed Tubber

Hollow River- Fast and The Fuzziest

Richmond- Boy Scares Sister

Richmond- Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Seminar- Old Macdonald Horse 

Surrey- Sings Wish The Fishes

Surrey- The Scream Team

Unknown- Bear Fish Thief

Vancouver- Sharkfin Freakout

Vernon- Hand In Pot

California 38/96 Finalists and 4 100k WinnerEdit

Accounsel- Sky Diving Diva

Alabama- Amusement Park Panic

Alathena- Toddler Roulette

Alpine- A Light Snack

Aston- Cookie Monster

Athens- Baby Spits Up On Brother

Ben Loaming- Little Muddy Buddy

Bell Flower- Not So Thrilled Ride

Beverly Hills- Numb Mum

Burbank and Tulaca Lake- Aerobic Fisherman

Callaway- Little Miss Banshee

Callaway- Smitten With A Kitten

Canyon County- 20 Dollar Dog

Cathedral City- Macau Gafau

Centercreek- Inner Tube Butterball

Chico- Bun In The Oven

Chico- Letterman Impressionist

Corning- See Spot Growl

Don Dahvee- Unamusement Park

Drunken- Frequent Flier Fido

Escondido- Mascot Mishap

El Sereno- Pump Chump

Fair Oaks- Dog Who Says Mama

Felton- Rambunny and Monkey Boy

Ferbank- Feline Makes A V-line

Freemont- Juggler Smuggler

Gazelle- Horse Shower

Gelaway- Karate Boy Vs Rooster

Glendale- Kid Who Takes A Toupee

Glendale- The Boss's Kid

Goodwin- Shopper Dropper

Grapevine- Sticker Shock

Greensville- Cocky Raccoon 

Hawthorn- Balloon Antics

Hayward City-  Misspelling Safari

Hillcrest- Passifire Passifist

Island- Daddy Long Life

Lake Forrest- Smart Dog Uses Chair

Lamita- Jacuzzi Dog

Laverne- Powder Face Baby

Livermore- Falala Baby

Los Angeles- Back Man

Los Angeles- Boy Get's Slugged

Los Angeles- Doggy Dance Off

Los Angeles- Hey Hey, Where The Monks 

Los Angeles- Number 10 Impressionist

Lexington- Bonehead Bowler

Mainechester- Tongue Tied & Tired

Marietta- Model Rocket Flybye

Monoray- Hats Off

Montrose- The Amazing Colossal Baby

Nevada City- Stick Figure Family

Newark- Doggy Go-round

North Hollywood- Traveling Trash Cans

Oakland- Dad Get's Hit By A Glider

Ocean Side- Doomed Groom

Oh Ivie- Beehive Jive

Oh Ivie- Eggsplosion

Olsen- Dogs Interrupt Christmas Song

Pacific Beach- The One Coat Kid

Pacific Pallace Beach- Ping Pong Xylophone Lady

Pacific Row- Motorcycle Man

Palasedro- The Coolision Kid

Pasadena- Escape Romeo

Pleasently- Funeral For A Fin

Porterville- Baked Goods Bandit

Portwine- Howling Bassets

Punxsutawney- Roller Skate Barbarian

Redondo Beach- 1 Stick, Four Dogs

Risaid- Seniors On Parade

Rockland- Boy In A Bubble

Rockland- Word's Worst Haircut

Royal Grande- Big Wheel, Bigger Helmet

Riverside- Tiger Surprise

San Clemente- Their Cup Is Half Full

Sacramento- Precocious Painter

San Diego- Muscle Beach Baby

San Diego- Racoon Rug Robber

San Mateo- Four Legged Friendzy

San Rafael- Dog Catcher

Santa Ana- Lady Who Falls For A Loop

Santa Ana- Someone Needs A Timeout

Santa Barbera- While You Where Sleeping

Santa Clarita- Rhino Lift

Santa Cruz- Granny Boogie

Santa Rosa- The Cupcake Kid

Shabookle Canyon- Crash and Slow Burn

Sunnydale- Dive Bomb Egg Delivery

Sunnydale- Real Remote Jet

Telethasis- Captain Cardboard

Temecula- Pinata Pirate

Torrance- Aging Man

Torrance- Howdy Doodie

Thousand Oaks- I Can See Clearly Now

Van Eyed- Eddie Murphy Twins

Venice- Echo Man

Walnut Creek- The Sirens Broken

Watsonville- Dog Human 1v1

Wayiard- Guitar Waver

Colorado 6/12 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Aurora- Park Loving Pooch

Brekke- Bulldog Day Afternoon

Colorado Springs- Darth Dader

Colarado Springs- Let Em Eat Cake

Colorado Springs- Little Grinch Girl

Colorado Springs- Man's Breath Friend

Colorado Springs- Remote Control Confusion

Denver- Look Ma No Hands

Denver- King Of Click

Laguna- The Crying Game

Long Mont- Straight From The Gooses Gaboose

Sear Valley- Chase Launched

Connecticut 4/8 Finalists 1 100k WinnerEdit

Ansonia- Terms Of Engagement

New London- Football High Five

New Pig- Guinea Pig Lounge

Stratford- Calfinated Cackee

Stratford- Kid Sprays Mom

Tallin- Little Girl Blows Big Bubble

Wallingford- Little Runaway

Vernon- Dancing Machine

Delaware 0/2 FinalistsEdit

Al Pasa- Spunky Monkey

Claymont- Big Dog Pool Rescue

Florida 15/43 Finalists and 2 100k WinnerEdit

Boca Raton- Cup Of Frog

Boca Raton- Dog Food Jumper

Boca Raton- Hairy Club For Men

Callihan- Eye Popping Pooch

Cape Carl- Fireman Bloopers

Clearwater- Dog Violin Critic

Creekport- The Horse Lady

Day City- Guitar Waver

Dempster Beach- Paistry Punching Pooch

Fleming Island- Cookie Confession

Hargate- Noisemaker Father and Son

Jacksonville- Video Effects

Knightsville- The Crying Game

Gainsville- Tom Selleck Punch

Gainsville- Wedgie Woman

Lake Worth- Gifted Child

Lehigh- Gators Galore

Miami- Dracula Scream

Miami- Raccoon PSA

Mesiodens- Window Wall-up

Naples- Not A Pinata

North Port- Military Hat Salute

Ocala- Tiny Tree Trimmer

Orlando- My Thighs

Orlando- Oh Very Funny Snake Scare

Orlando- Swingers

Penticolo- Slipper Slobber

Port Harbour- Messiah On A Wi-Yah

Port Harbour- Rat On Mom

Portmont Beach- Dog Distraction Reaction

Portwine- Muscle Man Junior

Sarasota- Belted By Brothers

Sarasota- Mouthy Minister

Stuart- Flush With Success

Studway- Robin First Turkey

Tampa Bay- Down In The Bayou

Tampa Bay- Skeleton In Closet

Unknown- Silent Night Slap

Vall Rico- Fruit Flinger

Wellington- Antagonist

Wellington- U Don't Know Uvula

West Bridge- Poo Poo Put On

Winter Haven- Military Wedding Proposal

Georgia 15/30 Finalists and 4 100k WinnersEdit

Acosta- Clinging Kitty

Alpharetta- Driving Hamsters

Atlanta- Purple Nurple

Atlanta- Singing Pig Chins

Atlanta- Skateboard Of Education

Auguston- Clinging Kitty

Blueridge- Wrong Way Runner

Buckingham- Thomas Jefferson Boy

Calmers- Flower Power Protest

Cattaway- Treadmill Spill

Doorville- Rikishay Rodent

Douglassville- Grandpa and His Dog

Florna- Bidday Accident

Fort Renning- Dreaming Of Ice Cream

Gerust- Exictiable Boy

Glennis- Dog Eat Dog

Jackson- The Cape-devator

Lithonia- Baby Crashes Camera

Lookout Mountain- Crying Camera Kid

Marietta- Golfcart Gotcha

Marietta- Karoke Canine

Poultry- Finkle To Tinkle

Powder Springs- Snout Snack 

Riverdale- Butt Baby With Towel

Rome- Billy Goat Groan

Roswell- Airport Wedding Proposal

Savanah- Boots Are Made For Walking

Sebastian- Chimpanzee Party Animal

Tree City- Giraffe Tongue

Unioncity- Oh Glory!

Hawaii 0/1 FinalistsEdit

Dona Megs- Footstool Fetching Fido

Idaho 3/6 FinalistsEdit

Balsa- Little Swashbuckler

Cheleck- Bug-A-Boo

Hayden Lake- Preening Teen

Post Falls- Stocking Stuffer

Samporri- No Barking Zone

St Anthony- Golfer Who Takes A Tumble

Illinois 8/32 Finalists and 2 100k WinnersEdit

Chesneypark- Whole Lotto Nothing

Chicago- Aurora Barbyalis 

Chicago- Baby Sings The Blues

Chicago- Grumble Cat

Chicago- Jockey Bob

Chicago- Loud Singer Brawl

Chicago- Monkey Strips Car Molding

Chicago- Tiny Dancer

East Moline- Bride Who Has To Go

Glendale Heights- Troubled Dog Over Water

Glendale- Vcr-tus

Glenview- Yo-yo Bookshelf Boy

Harvard- Vacuum Joy Ride

Hinsdale- Fireman's Cooking Class

Heaperstown- Bushy Tail Break-in

John Pierre- Treat Pooching Pug

Lake Zillow- Referee Referendment 

Lamount- Trouser Toy

Molten Town- Sock Shock

Morris- April Fools At Love

Normville- The Screen Door Dog

Orianna- Fish Face 

Pallestown- Cake Mistake

Rock Falls- Golf Ball Between Legs

Royaltown- The Amazing Flat Cat

Sock Village- Backyard Dancers

Steep Halls- Billiard Baby

Vermont City- Ski Dock Jerk

Westchester- I Love My Sister

Willmette- Ring Bearer Of Bad News

Woodriver- Refridgerator Surprise Boy

Woodstock- Stuck Bowling Ball Net Strike

Woodstock- Touch Chin

Iowa 5/14 FinalistsEdit

Blanton- Calorie Counting Kid

Blanton- Girl Squeezes Bride

Burlington- Daddy's Weak House

Carlville- Golf Pro Junior

Ceder Rapids- Howl Dry Terrior

Clinton- Public Speaker Fall Down

Councel Mass- Four Legged Cookie Theif

Davenport- Cat Falls From TV

Demoine- 50 Parental Sayings

Fenton- Fly In The Fridge

Hiawatha- Husky Howler

Hull- Parking Break Breaker

Leon- Dog Guard Christmas Presents

Muskatine- Wrong Way Home Run

Indiana 3/23 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Bellcarve- Jeff & John Pete

Brownsberg- Pregnant Pause

Carterville- An American In Paris

Columbus- The Giant Bubble Blower

Corksville- Little Squirt

Fort Wayne- Etc 94 Slide and Fall

Frankfurt- Feathered Freakout

Greensfield- Curving Pool Shot

Greenwood- Safety Seat Silly

Hayward- Touchdown Toddler

Indianapolis- Dried and Go Seek

Indianapolis- Hawaii Nuptial Nutent

Indianapolis- Tablet Trickery

Indianapolis- Tag Along Tuber

Indianapolis- Your Zippers Down

Nappanee- Basketball Pratfall

Owensville- The Christmas Bra

Spencerville- Branch Fall Bonehead

Terrahote- Kid As Cowboy

Uvan- Father Fainter

West Grove- Window Pain

Whitestown- I Dream Of Ice Cream

Kansas 0/5 FinalistsEdit

Coolridge- Belly Laugh

Kansas City- Flower Child

Pittsburgh- Sleepy Little Liar

Wichita- 3 On The Floor

Wichita- Lend Me Your Ears

Kentucky 3/13 FinalistsEdit

Albany- Pumpkin Headed Pooch

Ashlynn- Pocket Platoon

Campbell- Christmas Greeting Dog

Lexington- Belly Dancer

Lexington- Whiney The Pooh

Louisville- Christmas Face Hit

Louisville- Double In Dumbnity

Louisville- Eye On Ball

Louisville- Grandma Realizes Pregnancy

Lourel- Dobious Dollar Decision

Mason- Bugged Microphone

Runthrough Valley- Red Hand Boogie

Versys- Put A Sock In It

Louisiana 5/13 FinalistsEdit

Arcadia- Girl Borrows Easter Egg

Denim Springs- The Masked Mucus

Galliano- 3 Dollar Present

Gonzales- Little Lady Leader

Gonzales- Surprise Party Passout

Medery- The Fainting Bride Groom

Poulters City- Monsters Ick

Prairieville- Ring-A-Ling-Dog

Slidale- Frog-faced Freakout 

Smiley South- Sonic Youth

Smitelm- Take Me Out Of The Ball Game

Sulfur- Boy Who Counts Higher

Whitecastle- Man Trains Hawk

Maine 2/4 FinalistsEdit

Brunswick- Biker Dog

Brunswick- That Doesn't Hurt

Orrington- Two Cat Share One Bowl

Topson- Training Day

Manitoba 1/1 FinalistsEdit

Gyro- Chowdown Crack Up

Maryland 4/14 FinalistsEdit

Baltimore- The Interrupted Song

Chetty Chase- Man Who Sings National Anthem

Columbia- Tot Toy Head Spin

Fluxberg- Drummer Bride

Germantown- Hoop Dreams

Laurel- Musical Karate

Newmarket- Hysterical Dirt Bike Kid

Parkton- Dog Sniff Snub

Rockville- The Domino Baby

Untersberg- Spring Fling

Upper Marlboro- Froggy Freakout

Virgence- Droolin' Doggie

Winters- Treetop Terrior

Woodbine- Cat Vs Toy Dog

Massachusetts 9/24 Finalists and 2 100k WinnerEdit

Auburn- Kids Saw Santa

Bloomingberg- Don't Send In The Clown

Boston- Barney Fife

Boston- Boombox Man

Boston- Celebrity Batman

Boston- Sweet Caroline

Busta- Giraffe Gaff

Chelmsford- The Above Ground Pool

Dracut- Groom Takes A Awful Wife

Gardner- Girl Afraid Of Santa

Hayborough- Wet Wedding

Houston- I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Laurel- Not On Purpose Purchase

Lemonster- Beach Scenery

Lightningsville- Virtual Disaster

Maddowborrow- Cat Attacks Bag

Nashborugh- Grey Lady Town

Quinsy- Four Alarm Sleeper

Riviera- Canned Laughter

Springfield- Birthday Blowout

Waymouth- Poo Bear

West Rocksbury- Professer Gravity

Yorkdale- I Saw Santa

Michigan 13/31 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Ann Arbor- Little Liar

Ann Arbor- Super Scooper

Armada- 3 Dalmations

Bangs City- Clown-faced Catatrophe

Berkley- Belch On, Belch Off

Big Rapids- Musical Argument

Cedar Lake- Mixed Blessings

Chesfield Downs- Honk If You Love Me

East Lancing- Bride and Groom Blowout 

Fishing- Berry Funny

Glass Cloche- Slip Disk Dad

Grandale- Tales From The Crib

Grand Blanc- Ipod Stealing Sibling Slide

Grand Rapids- Worried Waxer

Greensfield- Smarty Pants Dance

Kentwood- Turkeys Chase Dog

Lancing- Here Kitty Kitty

Lyle- Clumsy Runner

Lyle- Seatbelt Attacks Man

Mackeegan- Tail Waggin' Wagon

Munising- Baby vs Burglar 

Niche- Costume Comedy

Nomedy- Adding Machine

Ontonagon- The Water Horse

Palmyra- Pail Face

Rochester Hills- The Presidential Baby

Shelbytown- Hulk Hogan Lady

South Beetle- Proposal Prank

West Bloomfield- Sh-Boom

West Bloomfield- Smarty Pants Dance

White Lake- Plastic Pool Puppy

Wind Dot- Lip Sync Split

Minnesota 7/21 Finalists and 2 100k WinnerEdit

Blake City- Custom Paint Job

Brainer- Chris Shaller & His Amazing Dog Sport

Brandon- Sure Eyes

Brooklyn Center- The Mouth That Roared

Columbia Heights- Garage Grandpa

Colville- The Valedictorian

Eden Prairie- Upside Down Costume Man

Elk River- Dynamite Kids

Grand Canyon- Baby Bigeye

Lake Heart- Boo-hoo In The Lue

Long Grove- Short Ride, Long Fall

Minneapolis- Balance Boat

Plymouth- Camera Mom Missed It

Roads Mound- Drinking Problem

Rochester- Hockey Schtip

South Lake- Ice Capooch

St. Louis- Jingle Bell Baby

St Louis Park- Butterfly Budderfinger

St. Paul- Surprise Rat

Wallpasso- Sprucing Up Girl

Watertown- Inflatable Pool Pooch

Missouri 6/13 FinalistsEdit

Albany- Dog Protects Wife

Colville- Toilet Paper Puppy

Independence- Bug In Pants

Kansas City- Frustrated Father

Kansas City- Hot Monkey Love

Kimberline City- Monkey Mouth Steal

Leedsburg- The Sting

Lee's Summit- Holy Smokes

Richmond- Skydiving Lawn Chair

St. Anton- Lovin' Spoonful

St. Louis- Good Grief

St. Louis I Dream Of Weenie

St. Louis- The What Is It Gift

St. Peters- Stroller Roller

Mississippi 2/4 FinalistsEdit

Morehead- Raccoon Sleeper

Oakton Springs- The Ears Have It

Polverdale- Carwash Calamity

Poppsville- Tv Wedding Proposal

Montana 2/4 FinalistsEdit

Bellhick- These Boots Are Made For Skating

Bozeman- Oblivious Boy

Crowe Agency- Rodeo Bronco Buster

Great Falls- Ring Leader

Nebraska 5/11 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Aims- Candle Spit-out

Bayard- Wrong Way Play

Beras Town- Turning Over A Full Leaf

Elm Creek- Can You Say Mommy?

Grand Islands- Dock Dumper

Lincoln- Home Wrecking Rodent

Lincoln- Seventh Inning Soak

Omaha- Bride Get's The Giggles

Omaha- Presidential Material

Omaha- Tv Cracking Kid

Omaha- Tyrannosaurusreck

Nevada 0/2 FinalistsEdit

Las Vegas- Obscene Trampoline

Las Vegas- Snow Job

New Brunswick 1/1 FinalistsEdit

Munkton- Santa Surprise

Newfoundland 0/1 FinalistsEdit

Unknown- A Whale Of A Time

New Hampshire 0/5 FinalistsEdit

Claire Mont- Knockout Smile

Hanover- Cereal Killer

Laconia- Let Go Fido

Nashua- Chimney Squirred Struggle

Rafton- Not So Funhouse

New Jersey 8/22 FinalistsEdit

Cherryhill- Pump Up The Volume

Elmore- Flying Lawnmower

Frankfurt- No Love For Lizard

Frankfurt- Pun Man

Glen Rock- Buzzkill

Hackensack- Bride and The Bee

Hackettstown- Peep Hole Boy

Hamilton- Potato Chip Panic

Holmbridge- Jersey Shortie

Lake Alcyon- School Bus Splash

Little Ferry- Pelican Can't Swallow Fish

Millville- Home From The Office

New Brunswick- Lincoln's Bad Day

New Brunswick- Nun Strikes Out

New Brunswick- Printer Problem

Nextone- Trash Talking

Sayorville- Rock Flinging Fielder

Screamsborough- Name Dropping Doggy

Seedsberg- Soda Bottle Blowout

Stratsburg- Let Them Sneak Cake

Summerdale & Grand Rapids- World Without Lips

Verona- Rodent Roundup

New Mexico 1/3 FinalistsEdit

Alberquerque- Cookie Cracker Conudrum

Alberquerque- The Out Of Reach Treat

Mountain Air- Emu's Dance

New York 20/45 Finalists and 2 100k WinnersEdit

Albany- Weightlifter Loses Pants

Astoria- Fainting Usher

Baldingsville- Mail Slot Menace

Bimington- Gas Mask Camel

Bronx- Obey

Burt- I Dream Of Cheesie

Casanova- Ski Jumper Hits Tree

East Rockwane- Mommy I've Got Something

East Syracuse- Excited Candle Blower

East Syracuse- Toilet Trouble

Frankfurt- Crying Over Spilled Sauce

Glendale- Gassy Gal

Glenview- Sneezy Kitchen

Gouveneur- I Do, Who?

Lock Port- Outrageous Snorers

Malone- Photo-op Bop

Manatup- Rent A Bike Senior

Marathon- Cat Scat

Masapeakqua- Multi Mutt Massage

Mittletown- Upside Down Potato Guy

New Hyde Park- Brides Cleavage

New Orshell- Stomach Sore

New York- A Tv Run Away From Me

New York- Car-seat Stinkeye

New York- Giraffe Jam

New York- Robo-Cat

Niagra Falls- Karate Chimp

North Babalon- The Brides Maid Mocker

Ogdensberg- Last Time Macerena Boy

Ontario- A Tv Run Away From Me

Pokipsy- Cinnamon Girl

Pokipsy- Man With Parachute Flies Using Fan Power

Pompeii- Great Peddle Prank

Port Jefferson Station- Lego My Tooth

Queens- For Who The Doorbell Tole?

Rinebeck- Chocolate Denial

Riverhead- Grandma Garner Surprise

Rock Point- Sister Tooth Puller

Russell- I Dream Of Cleanie

Schenectady- I Do, She Does Singer

Sermon- Riddle-Rattled Dad

Smithtown- How Am I Doing

Sounds Beach- Revelry Show Off

Syracuse- Achy Breaky Paramedics

Thyasis- Teacher Comedian

Watertown- The Sneeze Dog

Wester Grove- Crab Race Catastrophe

West Islip- New York New York Baby

North Carolina 13/32 Finalists and 2 100k WinnerEdit

Ashville- Uranus Or Mine?

Beau Memory- Refrigerator Retches

Black Mountain- Thanksgiving Prayer Girl

Blaton- Dressed For Arrest

Bourbontown- Lightning Dolt

Burlington- Hell Hound

Camp- Leave Your Message At The Bark

Canover- Blast With The Laughing Gas

Cape Hatteras- Hook Line and Splatter

Charlottetown- Blinky Baby

Charlottetown- Get-away Golfcart

Charlottetown- The Slide Rule

Concur- Wimpy Weiner Dog

Farroe- Tire Face Sister

Fayettesville- Air Strip Johnny

Fayettesville- The Motormouth Effects Man

Fayettesville- The Lint Trap

Garner- Slingshot Heard Around The World

Gattstonian- The New Bowling Ball

Graham- Horn Dog

Kannapolis- Cockatwo Step

Lawrence River- Football Player Misses Kick

Mebae- Ice man Avalanche

Mount Olive- Andy Griffith Bird

Nashville- Crying Pandemonium

Raleigh- Puppy Pants

Salem- Boogie Wooger Booger Boy

Scarlettown- Horse Haller

Stanford- Backflip Hamsters

Statesville- Puzzling Proposal

Veld East- Hungry Dog

Wilberton- Tire Mom

North Dakota 1/1 FinalistsEdit

Grand Forks- Wax On, Wax Ouch

Oklahoma 3/7 FinalistsEdit

Edmond- Football Player & The Ballerina

Oakland City- Blindfolded Fool

Oklahoma City- Pain In The Brass

Supopa- Go Cart Curmodgeon

Tulsa- Deperartment Store Daddy

Tulsa- Upside Down Soldier

Zapopan- The Young Director

Ohio 11/36 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Almond- Marathon Proposal

Amelia- Mowdown

Astrin- Smiley Face Faller

Belfast- Senior Sinker

Berea- Tie Poodle Skirt Kid

Boardmen- 3 Year Old Impressionist

Centerville- Keyboard Bungle

Cleveland- Casey Impressions

Cleveland- King Kong On Coffee

Cleveland- Two Pie, Birthday Guy

Columbus- 20/20 Six Year Old

Columbus- Lady In Red

Columbus- Bodybuilders

Dayton- Spin Ball Bowler

Dayton- Wedding Funny Face Boy

Dublin- Senior Fakeout

Geneva- Hen House Surprise

Holland- Bye Bye Balloon

Holmstead Falls- Deer Sneeze Snapoon

Kettering- Camcorder Argument

Lipstick- Dog and Pony Show

Maineville- Beauty Contest Surprise

Mason- Moby Dorks

Mittlestown- Garage Door Dove

Monroe- Faceguard Football Kid

Mythia- Treadmill Trouble

Pepperpike- Gobble Squabble

Rock Creek- Baseball Player Loses Pants

Russelspoint- The Stiff Sleeper

Shuttleworth- Embarrased B-baller

Simply- Ultra Rocker

Tallington- Soggy Skateboard

Timberlake- Gobble Squabble

Troy- Rainbow Calling

Warrant- I'm Gonna Be An Aunt

Whitehouse- The Happy Hiccuper

Youngstown- Bride Carries Groom

Ontario 4/15 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Cambridge- Dance Floor Young Lovers

Cambridge- Face Off

Frankford- Scarakeet

Kingston- Big Knuckle Bride

Lively- Boogie Baby

Mississauga- Kitchen Counter Manner

Partstown- Snow-mo Bonehead

Perkinsfield- Phony Flatulence

Peterborough- Little Girl Picks Up Fish In River

Pomers Town- Kickin' It In The Crib

Toronto- Dentu-slip

Waterfront- Hairspray Club For Men

Wheatley- Chicken Coop Antics

Woodbridge- Ballerina Rips One

Oregon 3/17 FinalistsEdit

Beavertown- The Tart Twins

Brookings- Annoyed Graduation Speaker

Glastone- Guard Dog Training

Lebanon- Horse Girl Meets Chicken Boy

Lebanon- Sunglasses Tail-Cocker Espaniel

Madison City- Shadow Of A Doubt

Milwaukee- Spit Take

New Grande- Three Kids Sled Into The House

Oregon City- Chopper Chipper

Portland- Baby Food Critic

Portland- Doggie Needs A Chewtoy

Portland- Fieldgoal Faceblock

Portland- I Nancy, Hi Nancy

Portland- The Ripchord Joke Teller

Portland- Woman Overboard

Scatfuse- Greeting Slip

Springfield- Barking Flower

Pennsylvania 12/38 FinalistsEdit

Allentown- Praying For A Bathroom

Center Valley- Honk Under The Hood

Chestersprings- Tiny Tinkler

Corrstown- Snapshot Stealer

Farris Hill- Sneaky Stair Slider

Hall Mirror- Styrofoam Pitfall

Halverson- Television Terrier

Harrisburg- Mystery Kisser

Hillsgrove- Hyper Viper

Holland- Bear Singer Critic

Irwin- Grade A Mess

John's Town- I Don't Wanna Sing

Knox- Broom Tripper

Manawa- Car Seat Singer

Medium- Wet Wedding

Mounting Top- Christmas 1978 Revisted

Nearing- Roof Doof

Neidmore- Tarantula Terror

Newcastle- It's My Pinata and I'll Cry If I Want To

Phoenix Ville- Peeved Diva

Pittsburgh- Baby Drummer

Pittsburgh- Best Man Handled

Pittsburgh- Get Down Soldiers

Pittsburgh- Honey I Blew Up The Dog

Pittsburgh- Laughing Women

Pittsburgh- Slip Sliding Away

Philadelphia- Baby Who Says I Love You

Philadelphia- Halloween Witch Principal

Philadelphia- Happy New Rear

Philadelphia- The Science Experiment

Philadelphia- Who'll Stop The Rainman

Roaring Springs- Beserk Goat

Roseville- Granny Who Snoozes

Sellersville- Gorilla Suit Wedding Proposal

Shroomsberg- Mama's Boy

Springfield- Pocket Performance

Uniontown- Monster Munchie

Westford- I've Been Bad

Quebec 1/2 FinalistsEdit

Port Clair- Cat On The Attack

Unknown- Bear Fish Thief

Rhode Island 1/1 FinalistsEdit

East Greenwich- Sibling Shower Scare

Saskatchewan 1/1 FinalistsEdit

Moose Jaw- Baby Shower

South Carolina 2/7 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Carra- Backdoor Blues

Ennisville Island- Doggy Dingy

Gloverville- Splatering Seaweed

Lancing- Cowardly Lizard Lady

Lexington- The Quad Squad

Pentelting- Choo Choo Lady

Spartanville- Four Armed Guitarist

South Dakota 0/3 FinalistsEdit

Bookings- Thoughtless Groom

Brandon- Rights With Naval

Rapid City- Demolition Dog

Tennessee 7/13 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Germantown- Fountain Of Youth

Germantown- Merrit Badge Stand-up Comedy

Greensville- Cheese Pop Pooch

Harrison- Don't Sing Birthday Boy

Jackson- Bird Dive Bombs Cat

Memphis- Pop Goes My Trousers

Memphis- Save Your Applause

Memphis- Speechless Sweet Tooth

Nashville- Double Talker

Nashville- Impressionist Jim

Nashville- The King and The Ring

Oliver Springs- Grandma Drops Gelatin

Wallingham- Woody Woodpecker

Texas 19/55 Finalists and 4 100k WinnersEdit

Amirillo- Fence Dog

Arlington- Accidental Cup Crime

Athens- Bouncing Baby Chair

Austin- Chiwawa Wee-wee

Austin- The Spice Boys

Austin- Tommy The Tomato

Bastrop- Head Butting Buddy

Blakeco- Baby Reaction

Bluearc- Disapearing Doggie Door

Chiralt- Insect Inside

Chlomo- Ramp Champ

Christendom- Hoolah For The Moolah

Dallas- Brian Bloodworth

Dallas- Sister Celebrates Standing

Dento- Dueling Noses

El Passo- Harmonica Nose Tune

Ennis- Multiple Fumble

Fury- Featured Preacher

Garland- The Amazing River Raft Ride

Glenwood- Endless Christmas List

Grapevine- Honey I Shrunk The Fisherman

Gunter- Crazy Cat

Heaven- Officer Sinkhole

Hillsborough- Bye Bye Birdie

Holsum Fields- Popcorn Pecker

Houston- Broom Ball Ballet

Houston- Foot Odor Baby

Houston- Ice Cube Girl

Houston- Screen Cat

Houston- Stalling For Sleep

Houston- The Old Magic Hack

Las Vegas- Out Bound Hound

Lufton- No Headroom

McGregor- Dancing Flower Baby

Midland- Snake Charmer Dad

Missouri City- Boy Screams His ABC's

Odesa- Pet Peeve

Pasedena- Cheerleader Brother

Port Houston- A Pair Of Dumbells

Port Lavaca- Pinata Vendetta

Portsworth- Air Born Raft

Portsworth- Mud Mess Mom

Portsworth- Officer Down

Princetown- Butt Theromometer Mix Up

Queen- Towel Terror

Quinnland- Man's Best Friend

Richmond- The Battle With The Balloon

Round Rock- Lady Who Get's Pushed In

Soulair- Soup Slitting Siblings

Spring- Football Crash Through

Spring- Bike Vs Sidewalk Sign

St. Angelo- Baby Loves Headrub

Unknown- Backyard Football Game

Unknown- Oh Deer!

Wachahatchie- Chocolate Confection Confession


Aura Novo- Squirrel Stuffel

Bathwater Blues

Dogside Doggy

Grandma Garner Surprise

Go Cart Curmudgeon

Karoke Kitty

Lady In The Dishwasher

No Nose Is Good Nose

Solo Screamer


Too Many Weights

Clear The Runway

Elks Meeting

Heavy Horse Woman

Utah 4/17 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Aughton- Santa Dunk

Calpers- Hoops I Did It Again

Draper- Puppyfoot Peddle

Draper- Toto Recall

Formula- Color Of Funy

Greatbird- Slip Sleeping Away

Highland- Dog's Best Friend

Jordan- Shipwrecked Sailor

Murray- Dry Out The Living Room

Oregon- Weight Problem

Pleasentgrove- Milky Singer

Providence- Stick A Penny, Take A Penny

Roosevelt- Coyote Ugly

Salt Lake City- Ed Moss

Salt Lake City- Roof Riders

Springfield- The Chair Man

West Huron- Plugged In Pug

Vermont 0/1 FinalistsEdit

Barnett- Man Plays With Icicle 

Virginia 6/18 Finalists and 2 100k WinnerEdit

Alexandria- Little Drummer Boy

Centerville- Guard Who Falls Down

Chesfield- Rover Rescue

Chester Creek- Bowling Boy

Cow Creek- Little Scene Stealer

Graceford- Bike Yikes

Lynchberg- 4 Year Old Hulk Hogan

Maclain- Two Point Toddler

Martinsville- Wrong Way Hanglider

Menasseh- Prosecuting The Poodles

New Portsmouth- Mutt Makes A Mess

Norfolk- Shakesphere Rapper

Phonasis- Hue, Phew

Richmond- All Light Cat

Richmond- Late Night At The Video Store

Statum- Christmas Dorkeration

Staunton- Goose Gorilla

Whitestown- Ultra Sound Surprise

Washington 7/28 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Bainbridge Island- Teed Off

Battleground- Calm Hour For Kitty

Bellingham- Rosie The Dog

Boofle- Flying Sleigh Trouble

Clarkstown- Breakable Boy

College Place- Downward Facing Doggie

Davenport- Whistling Midgets

Edmons- Kiss Request

Elm- Coconut Candy Killer

Gig Harbour- Horse Hawk

Gualop- Tell The Tooth

Kenewick- Waxing Poetic

Kurtland & Bainbridge Island - Pete & Repeat

Marraigeville- Bowl Bandit

Marrisville- Dinner Is Served

Marrisville- Scaredy Dog

Mount Vernon- Fish Out Of Water

Mount Vernon- I Hate Dinosaurs

Napathon- Inept Infield

Raymond- Girl Beats Pinata

Seacliff- Dog Soap Spray

Seattle- Breakfast Bonfire

Seattle- Love Birds

Spanaway- Graduation Speaker Slip Up

Spokaine- Rodeo Rider Meets Horse

Spokaine- Something Fishy

Spokaine- Spoon Cam

Stuff Homage- Loose A Bagel

Tacoma- Lid Spinner

Vancouver- Lid Lift Surprise

Wilson Creek- Rim Roller

West Virginia 2/4 FinalistsEdit

Beckley- Rodent Reckroom

Clenndenning- I Don't Know Girl

Hedgeville- Prayer Boy Pigs Out

Hurricane- Tooth From A Youth

Wisconsin 10/22 Finalists and 1 100k WinnerEdit

Addington- Little Drummer Cat

Appleton- The Unhappy Birthday Boy

Bankcroft- Bark Seat Driver

Brooksfield- Oblivious Engagement

Calahoo- Purrfect Pet

Clover- Bikini Biter

Evansville- Silo Crash

Fall Creek- Saving The Squirrel

Farmer- The Invisible Doggy Door

Gainsville- Hanglider Hangup

Georgetown- Slidin' Rider

Mana-to Wish Waters- The Howling

Milwaukee- Clumsy Groomsmen

Milwaukee- Dueling Pizzas

Milwaukee- The Bee Team

Milwaukee- The Groomsmen Kisser

Muckwonago- Santa's Breath

Oak Creek- Squirrely Boyfriend

Olympia- Baby Water Slide

South Milwaukee- Boy Hates Birthdays

Wallacosa- A Flock Of Fans

Washinville- Seagulp

Wyoming 0/2 FinalistsEdit

Casper- Very Brief Fish Grief

Westin- Backroad Backflip