List of People who sent in clips:

Season 1Edit

Joseph and Sharon Lennondino

Richard and Susan Castlebury

Jim and Sue Sweet

Chris Vanblurkem

Lorraine Pozack

Helen and Bill Walker

Jeff Asarnos

Mary and Frank Ochel

Sam and Dotty Hoolohan

Carole and George Wiener

Tom Dovin

Dan Berg

Tom Trippletti

Blake Finch

Arnold Wilikinson

Pete and Betty Shack

Gene and Christie Anderson

Jim Mask

Teresa and Paul Avila

Michelle and Gary Logan

Rita and Ken James

Terry Brewer

Jeff and Jan Smith

Pat Lanahan

Mike Ritter

Locester Jones

Len And Emily Fenamor

Charles and Bobby Enacrombe

Jeff Rickert

Tony and Glenda Darty

Barbra Hardinson

Dwayne Erikson

Robert and Candy Schwan

Don and Cindy Hawkenjaws

William and Hillary Woodier

Fran And John Evankovich

Jimmy and Debbie Mcnolty

Ben Phillipcheck

Mark Mayson

Robin Martin

Alex Gordon

Kathy Grossinger

Roland and Francine Turnbolt

Ed Hubert Jr

Chris Stemple

Season 2Edit

John Icrest

Dawn and John Doubts

Dennis Miller and Jason Cardwell

Jake and Joan Brown

Kim Evans and Janet Knuckles

Ron and Maxine Latucky

Don Kernottle Jr

Ruth and Jigalaya Jackson

Kathy and Joe Morgan

Gene and Diana Mezbit and sons Greg, Gordon and Brant

Phillis Olson

Jerry Lamos (Jerry also summited another clip 2 years later)[1]

Dave and Barbra Han

Harriet Soso and her son Marco

Gail Cox

The Ferris Family

Dave and Sherry Boardwick

Sherry and Shawn Whyatt and their cat Sally

Robert and Jesse Wesley

David and Sue Costics and Daughter Nina and Brianne

Karen and Arnold Grimant and twin sons Harry and Barry

Kevin Dechico and Sonya Gatsby

The Seedplick Family

Jim and Andrea Roberts

Roy Wheatley and Dennis Thrillins

Barbra Godfrey

Susan and Merrick Potat

Michael and Colette Shelter

Laurie and Rodger Meeks

Sophie and Matthew Ziemba

The Pearson Family

The Cormear Family

Thomas and Nancy Potter

Masha and Harold Keane

Linda and Walter Lucazic

David Brockman

The Garca

The Jones Family

Eric Molstead

The Rabbit Family

Doug and Julie Deloretto

The Berklynn 

Rick Bitinger

The Shoals Family

The Moberly Family

Steve Roy and Tony Chapman

James and Sue Walker

Les and Mary Suekelly 

Gary and Jan Depasquier

Luther and Karen Bullington

Bruce and Carol Carey and Steve Labelle

Bill and Marilyn Huff

Jay and Meagen Demarris

Wayne and Linda Vincent

The Mun Family

Jim and Sheila Bryant

Rick Kettle

Lee and Brenda Ellis

Terri and Bill Gleckler

Tom Batchler

Karen Heim

Vikki and John Swift

The Moore Family & Brad Isaac's

The Mets Family

Bill & Debbie Heckman

Charleen and Michael Colville

Season 3Edit

Laura Sharp and Beverly Lake

Connie and James Doyle

Gaila and Phil Arving

Carol and John Arlington

Ken Whistler

Steven and Cindy Orth

Eden and David Rosen

Mark Pravoe and Robert Laveck

Lynn and Chris Allen

John and Camille Merring

Lawerence and Francis Mclean

Bruce and Sandy Pastor

Ronald Lamauna 

Edward and Lorrie Scarf

Russel Chet

Tim Wright

Leo and Mary-Jo Geoffrey

Harold and Cozette Gray

Andrea Goodman and Robert Ware

Christie and Dan Mclauren 

Bob and Beverly Howder

Wayne and Donna Gordon

John and Sandra Wheelis

Joe and Jo Schmit 

Harold and Patricia Han

Dusty and Shelly Pierpoint

Amy and David Criven

Paul Cacavalens 

Judy Rinker

Jim And Taylor Carbonetti

Ron and Irene Wilkie

Robert and Teresa Embendola

Dwayne and Debbie Bobbitt 

Russell and Allison Hamilton

Todd and Cheryl Stein

Debra and Frank Martin

Wolfgang and Loreen Ruckner

William and Donna Gracie

Dwanye and Teresa Culpepper

Tracy Bullick

Rhonda and Joel Tomlin

Steve and Cherry Lap

Georgette Cull and Wayne Surn 

Kathy and Ferril Collins

Donna and Michael Pulliafico 

Bob and Viola Freeman

Bill and Lillian Reimer

Tex and Margie Foreman

Cecil and Joyce Shollwalter

John Gian and Tom Reisics

Charles and Diane Quanette and Jo Thompson

Guy Gilbert & Bob Winston

Larry & Iantha Thompson

Maureen and Randy Mass

Mark & Mary Ferrell

Mike & Debbie Lousala

Bill & Rick Alstraufski

The Myer Family

Steve & Constant Rodgers

Gary & Charlotte Batters & Dave & Marty Molnar

Mike & Nancy Harrison

Cindy & Mark Stalford

Jeff & Marie Ford

Season 4Edit

Gary and Marino Lawrenceson 

Rich and Linda Gabonelli

Sharon and Allan Shavalier

The Sombrano Family

Rosemary Bullick and Bob Winston

Vincent Fernadez

Coach John Loose and Dan Diptula

Steven and Debbie Lawerence

Laurna Woodburr

Ed and Donna Scnelly

Jim and Nancy Scneider

The North Area Volenteer Ambulance Corp

Patricia and Charles Dougrety 

Bill and Patty Eudaniwak

Sharon and Russ Levine

Donna and Ted Ancher Jr

Bryan and Gail Loveless

Terese and George Hay Jr

The Arthur Family

The Hallmego 

Jeff Hance and Rich Bobberossi and Bob Ray

The Owens Family

The Shannon Family

Scott Miller and Steve Grove

The Jennigus Family

Tammy and Charles Caucho

The Noll Family

The Queen Family

Donald and Nancy Weitz

David Birstin and B Dricks

Laurie Hans and The Morrlin Family

Ritchard Roarba and Anne Pardo

Jt and Hope Tropper

Season 5Edit

Henry Ageire

The Murray Family

The Isabelle Family

The Mackee Family

The Delchunious Family

The Douglas Family

The Swanson Family

The Ungst Family

The Hoon Family

The Curns Family

The Morino Family

Loretta Gray

David Aired

John Sega

The Venture Family

The Cockrin Family

Marsha Mcorckell 

The Guerrero Family

Mark Wiley and Brad Berryhill

The Watts Family

The Keller Family

The Carlonton

The Davies Family

The Xang Family

The Pernei Family

The Hanson Family

The Faulk Family

Sal Ielo 

The Mcfield Family

The Wilson Family

The Deliberto Family

The Mcaully Family

The Hurley Family

The Norongo Family

The Keagen Family

The Faine Family

The Case Family

Lynn Combsack

The Quinn Family

The Gross Family

The Budge Family

The Martin Family

The Waddleton Family

The Grewnedine Family

The Hallway Family

The Piper Family

The Mclindsay Family

The Studley Family

The Botcher Family

The Peterson Family

The Shrankel Family

Sara Wilson

Season 6Edit

The Rigging and The Taylor Family

The Duboys Family

The Wick Family

The Lloyd Family

The Chisem Family

The Dufelt Family

The Wingerert Family

The Dingus Family

The O'Reilly Family

The Davies Family

The Saunders Family

Janet Kehoe

The Dotson Family

The Martins Family

The Calpatrick Family

Season 7Edit

The Gimfold Family

The Kabibi Family

The Chester Family

The Stroubs Family

The Orange Family

The Mazmanian

The Ross Family

The Cadwell Family

The Leihi Family

The Jelous Family

The Hartman Family

The Doreinbo Family

The Belcher Family

The Zelter Family

The Ricks Family

The Dunnigan Family

The Ramsay Family

The Wickins Family

The Miranda Family

Palmer Howler and Mary-anne Walker

The Beckman Family

The Greenaway Family

Paul Gallagher

The Fraiser Family

The Cook Family

The Nicolas Family

The Deluca Family

The Cambelson Family

The Geiger Family

Season 8Edit

The Hudson Family

The Hickton Family

The Gates Family

The Carletti Family

The Hickman Family

The Brightville Family

The Cougarly Family

The Eskine Family

The Stirfee Family

Murphy Park and Ben Jansen

The Falco Family

The Hawson Family

The Farrow Family

The Fonders Family

The Bryan Family

The Jumack Family

The Monjero Family

The Shamer Family

Season 9Edit

Mark Nanine and Jefferson Norman

Kevin and Kelly Thompson

Francine Lottier and Roseanne Deaver

The Teason Family

Doug Stalts

David Hartwick

The Jordan Family

Jane Wagner

Nicolas Cockus

Terri Han

Chuck Stewart & Max

The Hulper Family

Matty Tomb

Robert Wolfman

Mary Bradford

Dorothy Tommy & Michael Metcafe

Cecilia and Katie Manga

Peter and Josie Macgregor

Christian and Doris Thompson

Brenda and Caleb Richardson

Glenn Davis

Melissa and Jacob Porter

Kaye and Dorothy Phillipines

Amy and Hannah Curlow

Cassandra James and White Lincoln

Peter Salomoni

Melanie Garren and Jenna Mcfarland

Sharon Cobland & Daniel Peterson

Eric and Annie Jefferies

Penny Aries and Marissa Parker

John Nowea

Season 10Edit

The Krebs Family

William Rythmes

Bradley Kidwell and Guy Zonachio

Victoriel Zinderkampft, Kaye Sheppood & Beverly Kelly

Bryan and Laurie Cullens

Mike and Sharon Ingle

Al Fuentez, Michael Garcia, Russell Pie and Fred Ross

Greg, Janet and Austin Vannel

Cynthia Clawford and Shane Hendy

Mike and Rachel Roberts

Martha Jackson and Christian Thin

John Keith and Eric Feretra

Lucia Hughes and Bruce Henner

Paul and Ryan Sunnock

Steve Moss and Jay Singer

Paul, John, Lisa and Madison Eddie

Patricia and Scott Snelton

Jeff and Cathy Mackelhan

Ed, Karen, David and Caroline Novack

Wanda Ruse & Andra Mann

Harley, Carol and Adam Benson

Doris and Carl Claventeur

Paul Morris & His Buddies

Jim & Cathy Scotts

Matt Tagen & Jackie Gardens

Ian and Stuart Crawford and Tia Brown

Tanya Clements

Season 11Edit

Christopher and Denise Wells

Pam Resick

Stephanie Owens

Larry Bivens

Jerry Debautista

Holly and Shannon Elliot

Lynn and Linda Wade

Bo Fletcher

Sherwood Hasty

Matt and Kenny Coaker

Anne and Craig Null

Marsha and Mark Wroening

Cash Beachum

David Como

Joanne and Bruce Hanson

Debbie Whitaker

Jeff Dunono

Syd and Ed Fleming

Elisha Barber

Melanie and Glynn Davies

Steven Grubbs

Todd and Sharon Swan

David Ian Hamilton

Laura and Joe McGuiness

James Yates

Art Speagle

Stephan and Margie Norman

Theresa and Zack Casey

Steve and Alice Mesias

Jim and John Murphy

Chris Larson

Bill Willis

Stephanie and Todd Neubullman

Anita and Brad Sweet

Zach Paisley

Stephan and Michelle Mar

Nikki Billy

Yoon Young and Chan Huff

Valerie Bittman

Beth and Shawn Harris

Michael G

Tom Hardwick

Season 12Edit

Angela Woodhall and Ivan Toodhawk

Kathrine Curtis

Ashley Morano

Al Monarch

Robert and Jenette Johnson

Nelson and Cathy Helsick

Tony and Ashley Astrigono

Giovanni and Candice Bensemi

Craig and Eve Lazerol

Paula Harris and Keith Clarkson

Bryan and Diane Perkemile

Donald and Violet Chesney

Arleen and Doug Labinsky

James Senning

Rick and Sandy Lang

Craig Shaftline

Laurie and Eric Sanders

Crystal Cade

Michael and Candice Hotmiester

Hases Dimingez

Aaron Louis

Carmen Villot

Cutchion and Ken Ng

Farber Mcowan

Carol Lenmen

Masa Ashley

Carl Hicks

Florence Goodwin

Cliff and Juliane Abraham

Bryan and Christie Crabtree

Season 13Edit

Holly and Dennis Jones

Laurel and Willie Cooper

Darla Hansen

Jennifer Smith

Jim and Ross Fellinger 

Janice Clark

Jim and Sandy Cook

Bonnie and Heath Myer

Lorraine and Carlos Fernado

Dave Winner

Larry Hods

Curtis and Laurisa Lee

The Burns Family

Jenny and Jack Pather

Linda and David Psycer 

Ken and Jan Shay

Carrey and Lanea Macdonald

Cathy David

The Wards Family

Carla and Keith Hubble

Bryan and Paula Petzel

Bob and Nancy Metzger

Bryan Monarch

Jerry Rondo

Bob and Gail Caryhill

Lenny and Salvador Keeney

Dorothy and Matthew Russel

Kevin and Dara Carrum

Edward Lagea

Jaime O'donell

Lisa and Matthew Mculla

Mike and Andrienne Hill

James Recundo

Cathy and Michael Finland

Soraya and Andy Hogan

Jason and Becca Lackey

Stacey Right

Jeffrey Fay

William Barley

Ted and Hilly Dollin

Anna Toro

Terri Morocheck and Joseph Hick

Eric Metzer

Angie Connor

John West

Ronnie Faith

John and Kat Arehart

Sheila and Mark Rivers

Hillary & Jeff Mackena

Glinda Bailey

Season 14Edit

The Coyle Family

Charlie Van Deen

The Atcot Family

Nicole and Lancy Monks

Anthony Isabella Senior

Barbra Walls

Sandra and Robert Goodwin

Scott Ware

Susan Risk

Donald Putnam

Liz Webb

The Hills Family

Ivor Chen

Chad Monteberry

Brenda Myer

Jan Macacubee

The Gan Family

Al Glass

The Stuart Family

Bob and Lisa Bird

The Swiegen Family

Vanessa Nelson

Anna and Andrew Long

The Lamontain Family

The Leonis Family

The Mools Family

The Teasley Family

The Kramer Family

Dustin Cole

The Rhodes Family

The Letcher Family

The Frisco Family

The Kelly Family

Phillip Feroni

Tamryn Neuionschwander

Patrick Ocander

Jan Sidero

The Beck Family

The Jeffers Family

Mike Mole

The Bradshaw Family

The Downey Family

Dana and Shay Rasdale

The Menace Family

The Anderson Family

Rob Posey

The Stuart Family

The Bennett Family

Season 15Edit

Rick Ryder

Franklin Bliss

Randy Rodd

Lendon Wettings

Heidi and Karen Corper

John Shirley

The Mooch Family

The Payten Family

The Webb Family

Brandon and Jennelle Boyd

The Smith Family

Kevin Shaw

The Hall Family

Vince Marans

The Brother Family

The Orton Family

Rod Bennetts

The Elsworth Family

June Nolan

The Walden Brothers

Stevie Ann Mcgroiner Keller

The Cangel Family

The Payhard Family

Ken and Jen Smith

Len Hartsaw

The Curlog Family

Randy and Carol Cox

The Master Family

Gene Or

Rodger Paith and Family

Michelle Marks

Ann Culeg and Doug Coopkiller

Andy Lagerman

Kevin & Linda Wilson

The Fountain Family

The Edwins Family

Walt Bicker

The King Family

The Walker Family

Susanne Huster

Jerry Laugbridge

The Rexong Family

The Fenham Family

Laura Suwasco

The Wingers Family

Jennifer & Andy Curlock

The Signof Family

David and Julie Cook

Sam Chavez

Noel and Gina Barker

The Carrier Family

The Mitts Family

Season 16Edit

Lee and Kevin Culter

The Beaton Family

John Strut

Dan and Shirley Reef

The Haven Family

Jeff Potts

The Murphy Family

Brad Comrad

Dennis Annecara

Ryan Phillips

Dennis Ivanchi

The Snow Family

Heather and Chris Gibbings

Alex and Ladonna Stephens

Jessica and Josh Rodriguez

The Dikes Family

Steve Peresey

Shirley Christovson

Rick and Eleanor Pears

Misha and Mark Carium

Jimmy Hardwicker

The Jackson Family

Christine and Matthew Comb

Steve Louis

The Hawkton Family

Vanwick Jones

Judy Bohenski

The Sanders Family

Paul Macartney

Kimmy and Bryan Bennett

Rick Donelly

Jen Robinson and Jeff Benett

Joe Catania

The Granola Family

Heather & James Paidey

Joyce Bucker

Jen Alper

Betty Glading

The Legos Family

Alexis & Ladonna Stevens

Season 17Edit

Jimmy Holiday

Brett Calismendro

Jeff and Christie Rock

Alex Wienery

The Sports Family

The Ellies Family

Larry ans Shelly Olson

Denice Pictrum

The Astracan Family

Christie Merrick

Cathy Simpson

Linda Scofield

The Scott Family

Bob and Elisha Sheifer

Rob Deas

Peter Burnbrig

Season 18Edit

Tamar and Greg Fisher

The Jones Family

Charlie and Penny Ciasgo 

Steven Heartwick and Family

Ryan Long

Derryl Moose

Terri Dobbins

Levi Caplan

The Velnotcher Family

Frank Leon

Jennifer and Thomas Macully

Beth Anders and Family

Terri and Robert Harper

Thomas and Donnaway Way

The Eerieartform Family

Season 19Edit

The Booth Family

Don Hoffenger

Tom Daniels

The Glubenhallen Family

Joe and Chris Rook

The Ramsey Family

E. Hope

The Doanny Family

Chris and Christie Wells

The Kinneret Family

Sherri and Eric Kindel

The Greatbubbalolaway Family

Jim Keena

Susan Candello and Family

The Wears Family

Jeff Easley

Chas and Mia Star

Mark Dubord and Family

Sidney Dedanberg and Family

The Zelas Family

Charleen and Eric Pingrove

Tima and Andrew Harden

Johanna Martinez

The Bigels Family

Ryan and Millie Donaldson

The Hornogle Family

Bryan Holmcloak and Family

Jeff Manchewitz and Family

Penny Welsh

The Albrowno Family

The Williams Family

Garnett May

Michael and Danielle Rashgrove

Jerry Montgomery

Tim and Holly Martin

Jason and Yoko Nelson

Tommy Staton

Virginia and Dwight Bennett

Elledy Travino and Family

Mark Casata

The Gindert Family

Rebecca Scott and Family

The O'bryan Family

Eric Masideo

Diane Wendeling and Family

Carrie and Chris Tucker

The Martinez Family

Amanda Holson

Bethany Vangure

Michael Eriks Ben Cams & Family

Bill Spears

Caroline Colton

Ben and Nina Brampton

Season 20Edit

Vincent Matl

The Regan Family

Ben and Lisa Porter

Amanda Oreardan

Daniel Gelfan

Mark Edwards

Dion Marrow

Travis Ross and Family

The Orgle Family

Miles Mendelson

Wes and Teiro Ages

Jose Fozea

Angela Komalov

Kent Fraiser

The Macaurney Family

Michelle Barth and Sam Lee

The Colm Family

Joanne Gilner

The Audair Family

Carol Whirls and Family

Justin Eddie

Shireena Miller and Family

Rhonda Kurr

Michael Lollyboul

The Johnson Family

Crystal Simmins

Lisa Oppel & Family

Ashley Oaks

The Newton Family

Jeremy Johnson

Season 21Edit

The Brooking Family 

Travis Purfis

The Gaines Family

Nika Briggs and Family

The Bradley Family

The Sailor Family

The Happy Family

Jim Lauting and Family

The Barley Family

Cathy Heelop 

Josh Holy

Matthew Harvey

Chris Keaton

Cathy May

Edgo Raglynn and Family

Jim Crysler

Bryan Sharp and Family

The Fernadez Family

Susan Hartman

The Cozong Family

Tory Clevittsfield

The Robbins Family

The Sodastrum Family

Shannon Faith

The Mansilver Family

Lou Russell

The Benett Family

The Benett Family

Bonna Bearner

Joel Taylor

Season 22Edit

Jo Cedar

Michael Popularas and Family

The Beckwith Family

Jonathan Dikes

The Walsh

Carla Peterson

The Sorwick Family

Jamie Wheats

Lisa Colling and Family

Season 23Edit

Shannon Ama and Family

Pat Bowler

The Cosack Family

Brittany Cameron

David Costanza Junior and Family

The Glendor Family

Anthony Hillcrest

The Capretta Family

Season 24Edit

Alex Hickey

The Spedding Family

Jennifer Bliss

Kelly Foltyn

Adam Tom

Daisionit Leaf-Rodgers

Daniel Val

Rebecca Mathews

The Cassidy Family

The Truse Family

Desiree Simpson

The Allen Family

Glana Park

Alesha Hayherd

Teresa Greig

Jack & Jenny Komo

The Drig Family

Mandy Maloney

Season 25Edit

Sue Alberti

The Crocker Family

The Petey Family

Larry Broiles and Family

The Chandler Family

The Aush Family

The Dagger Family

Cherlyn Lavender

Matthew Haggie

Lindsay Millhouser

Larissa Tambolt

Season 26Edit

Season 27Edit

Season 28Edit

Erica Pulunfa

The Sandelynn Family

The Delecki Family

The Florentino Family

The Florall Family

Susanne O'Neil

Season 29Edit

Bryan Thompson

The Pokinson Family

Tracie Dagenhart

Mila Boata

Ken Starling

Melanie Zombraro

The Resnick Family

Alexandria Cadoen

Lee Hardey and Mike Stinton

John Wedding and Family

The Catalano Family

The Dune Family

Steve Chambers

Scott Right and Jeff Maniso

The Patchty Family 

The Jackson Family

Terra Horn

The Ori Family

Britney Nettles