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Episode 2001
Season 20, Episode 1
Air date October 4, 2009
Written by Micheal Palleschi
Directed by Vin Di Bona
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A hidden camera shows a dog stealing bread from a toaster. Another dog waits for an ice cream truck to gobble down his daily ice cream cone. Other clips include, an office prank with a remote controlled spider; a man cutting down a tree -- which lands on his house; and montage of people getting sprayed in the face by a faucet prank.


Actor Role
Tom Bergeron Himself
Jess Harnell Announcer

Noteable funny videos[]

  • The Bread Stealing Dog
  • Dog Needing Ice Cream Gobbler
  • Office Prank - Remote Spider
  • Tree Cut Mishap
  • Faucet Prank Montage