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The following clips where edited out of certain episodes, for unknown reasons. Montages will not be counted. afv s1e01/pilot[1][2]

afv s1e02[3]

afv s1e04[4]

afv s1e05[5]

afv s2e13[6][7]

afv s2e23[8]

afv s3e01[9]

afv s3e02[10]

afv s3e06[11]

afv s3e19[12]

afv s3e23[13][14]

afv s3e25[15][16]

afv s4e15[17]

afv s5e06[18]

afv s5e11[19]

afv s5e18[20]

afv s7e08[21]

afv s7e11[22][23](dvd)

afv s7e16[24][25]

afv s10e22[26]

afv s11e01 matrimony mania[27]

afv s11e05[28]

afv s12e01[[29][30][31](EVEN THOUGH IT'S A NOMINEE)[32]

afv s12e03[33]

afv s12e04[34] The Intro Clip

afv s12e05[35]

afv s12e06[36]

afv s12e07[37]

afv s12e08[38]

afv s12e10[39][40]

afv s12e11[41][42]

afv s12e13[43]

afv s12e14[44]

afv s13e02 Trombone boys(disney plus)

afv s13e05[45]<Likely copyright reasons

afv s13e07[46][47]<Copyright

afv s13e10[48]

afv s13e22[49]

afv s13e24[50]

afv s14e08[51][52][53](DVD)

afv s16e23[54]

afv s19e15[55]