America's Funniest Home Videos Wiki

[1] First Shown April 28th 1991

My sons, Steven and Alan, were in a 1991 assignment video for America's Funniest Home Videos. One was to take the song, "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" and make a video. Steven played a girl and Alan was the guy singing the song. Just 2 seconds of the video was used. Amazed I was able to find this on You Tube. Good times. I actually won a T-shirt.

[2] First Shown September 20th, 1992

Arlington High School math teacher James Brown in a clip he sent in to AFV. The clip has since been reused over and over during the years, and has even been shown on the French version of the show.

[3] First Aired October 4th 1992 

This home video footage was shot by Regina's husband on their first date in 1991 on the beautiful island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. Enjoying life on the ocean with another couple earlier that day, Regina had caught a huge ono along with a Southern Comfort or two. Around 5:00 pm, while the fish was in the oven, Regina decided to pass through my lens on the way to her oceanfront lanai. Unfortunately, the door prevented her exit. Although I was excited to get it on film (per my yell), I'm thankful she wasn't hurt. But it sure made for good TV.

[4] First Aired December 18th, 1994

The last one was with My buddy Joseph Eddy scaring Danielle Scheff in Her kitchen with His foot XD XD Danielle Scheff was like 16 at the time, oh my God...... How time has flown since 1995!!!!!! ~MountainMonstersFan2017 and Beyond

[5] First Aired November 22nd 1992 10k winner

The nun is my great aunt. She lived in Kentucky and was about 85 when she passed away. In this video she was here in NJ on vacation for a few weeks and it was Mother’s Day in May of 1990. We were all playing baseball ⚾️ outside with the family and aunt Rita was up at bat and could not hit the ball!! She shouted out to the Lord once more, “ help help” and as the ball was pitched, she missed, got frustrated & banged the bat on the ground & took off after all of the men that were on the field to beat them up with the bat. She ended up slipping and falling & they felt badly and went to help her up, she picked the bat back up and started beating them!!! Hahahaha they were surprised!! The video actually sat on the shelf for two years because we never had a video player and one evening as my late husband and I were watching the show the commercial said “do you have any funny baseball videos?” We looked at each other, knew exactly what each other were thinking, ran to Walmart to buy a video player, he edited it into about a 30 second clip, we mailed it in on a Wednesday and received a call on Friday from Vin DiBona productions and the rest is history..... amazing time in CA, Recording the show with Bob Saget and the crew. we got to do so much! we were out there for six days & they paid for everything!!!!!!.- Debbie Lawsef

my dad passed in 2005 and my mom lost the tape:/ Steve and Debbie Lawrence my moms wearing a red dress like thing lol but they won the small prize ($10,000) and a trip to Orlando AND lunch with bob saget!- Debbie Lawsef's son

[6] First Aired Unknown 1992/93/95/96/97

0:40-- I remember that! That clip was filmed at the Singapore Zoological Gardens, as part of their reptile show... The show and auditorium have since been changed, so you won't see this anymore... such a pity, it was a hilarious show...

[7] First Shown September 21st 2001

Michael was almost 2 years old when we were enjoying him playing with his football helmet and he was calling cadence and running. You can see him smiling before the collision. Funny, it took AFV almost 5 years to show the video. I got the call from AFV on the day it aired on TV. They have shown his clip many times on reruns or beginning of new episode, but here are two of them that AFV graciously sent me DVD's. Very nice people. Enjoy.