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Śmiechu Warte (translated in English Worth a Good Laugh) was a Polish entertainment program created by Polish journalist Leszek Szopa, aired from July 3, 1994 to May 16, 2009 on Polish Television TVP1 and TVP Szczecin (which produced this show), based on America's Funniest Home Videos aired on ABC (its predecessor was called Ken Kato-chan-chan gokigen Terebi). The program included 7 seasons (646 episodes in total).

In 1998, the program won second place in Telecameras competition in Polish magazine Tele Tydzień in the Entertainment category. Title song was created by Aleksander Nowacki. Many videos from America's Funniest Home Videos has Polish subtitles.

The program was removed on May 16, 2009 year due to poor ratings.

Characteristics of the program[]

In 1994-2002 this program has competition characterature, having a jury chosen by the host by throwing five colored tennis balls towards the audience. In later years (2002-2009), the public voted with the help of remote controls with buttons (like in America's Funniest Home Videos).

The program presents and evaluates funny or unusual fragments of home and amateur videos recordings making in Poland submitted to the program by the authors themselves.

Viewers selected from among 5 films those that have the right to take part in the prize draw:

  • week prize (the winner received 1000 zlotys and material prizes [the most common material reward was a video camera], the second place was in-kind prizes and the winners were chosen by the audience);
  • month prize (10 films competed for it - 5, which won the week and 5, who took second place, the prize was a car, the winner was a jury composed of famous peoples from the world of culture);
  • half-year prize (the best films applied for it, including those that were not awarded by the jury, the main prize was a passenger car);
  • year prize (films of the month fought for it, in 1995 it was a flat or 50,000 zlotys);
  • special prize (for a certain time the prize was awarded for a staged comic commercial, initially the prize was awarded once a month, and later - every week, three films were taken and a set of household appliances or audio-video equipment was won).


Main hosts[]

  • Tadeusz Drozda (July 3, 1994 - December 25, 2004); in his time the program had the highest viewing rate)
  • Wojciech Kaminski & Przemyslaw Zejmo (January 7, 2005 - March 2006)
  • Krzysztof Piasecki (March 2006 - February 2008)
  • Joanna Bartel (March 2008 - May 2009)

Competition hosts[]

  • Klaudia Semeniuk, Anna Lewandowska-Kasprzycka i Marzena Kowalska (July 1994 - spring 1996)
  • Katarzyna Suchorzewska, early Szopa (spring 1996 - December 2007)
  • Magdalena Kotarba (December 2007 - May 2009)

Hosting the beginning with Drozda[]

  • Adam Dzieciniak (spring 2003 - September 2004)

Jubilee episodes[]

  • 100th episode - January 28, 1996
  • 200th episode - June 21, 1998
  • 300th episode - July 23, 2000
  • 400th episode - July 28, 2002
  • 500th episode - September 3, 2004
  • 600th episode - November 10, 2007


Show designs[]

Hosts beginning[]


Winning videos in design TV-sets[]



Czołówka "Śmiechu Warte" (1994-1996)

Intro to show in 1994-1996.

Czołówka programu Śmiechu Warte 1997

Intro to show in 1997-2000.

Napisy końcowe "Śmiechu Warte" (2000-2002)

Credits to show in 2000-2002.

Śmiechu Warte- Intro & Outro

Intro and credits to show in 2003-2004.

Śmiechu Warte - czołówka z lat 2006-2008 (wersja z Piaseckim)

Intro to show in 2006-2008.



Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 17.07.1994


Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 11.09.1994


Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 18.09.1994


Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 02.10.1994


Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 09.10.1994


Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 16.10.1994


Fragment Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 16.04.1995


Lipiec 1995)


Jedynka - Fragment programu Śmiechu Warte z 18 stycznia 1998 roku


Śmiechu Warte - odcinek 200 (21.06.1998r.)

200th jubilee episode.

Śmiechu warte - (16.04.2001)


Śmiechu Warte


Śmiechu warte odc. 1 z moich


Śmiechu warte odc. 2 z moich


1 - Śmiechu warte (fragment) - 2006


Program rozrywkowy (fragm.), Pr. Pierwszy - 07.07.2007r.


Śmiechu Warte. Program Pierwszy 07.06.2008

Music video[]


Aleksander Nowacki - Śmiechu Warte

Music video to show in extended version.